We do Data Science

Data Science involves different skills and knowledge areas. A common way to describe
these areas is as the intersection of Computer Science, Math/Statistics and
Domain/Business knowledge.

What a Data scientist do can also be described as different phases (layers) of a data
analytics process. The Data collection layer, the computation/algorithmic layer
and the presentation layer

To be an expert in all these different areas is almost impossible. It is possible to find
persons that master these areas (they are called unicorns) but I´m not one of
those. I have been around for some years though, and I have been exposed to all
areas. Perhaps I could say that I am a full stack data scientist.

With that said, I´m a trained mathematician from the beginning and my preferences are certainly in the Math/Statistics and Computational/Algorithmic areas. I do currently have a position as Chief Data Scientist at Need Insights in Stockholm. We are experts in location analytics and my day to day work involves statistics, model development, and stochastic computations.

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